Welcome! Julia and Luana, droogies from Brazil.

"Time has a way of taking time, loneliness is not only felt by fools. Alone I call to ease the pain, yearning to be held by you. Alone so alone, I'm lost, consumed by the pain"
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We run for youthanasia!
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Favorite Singers (in no particular order)
              ∟ Dave Mustaine

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£20 for 3 shirts, I am chuffed to fucking bits!!! The MoP shirt is from HMV and the Megadeth and RtL shirts are from Blue Banana, I’ve fallen in love with Cardiff all over again

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Who is Vivaldi?

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La mejor guitarra que he tocado en mi vida.


Some of my vinyl records

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Lars tells Dave his son’s favourite band is Megadeth…

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Babymetal Meets Big Four Of Thrash

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Perfect way to end a day ^^